Shows just one button

Hello, I am new to ionic. I wanted to know how to pass a property so that the button has a description. The app show me just one button. why that?

const Registro: React.FC = () => {
  return (
      <IonContent fullscreen>
        <IonHeader collapse="condense">
            <IonTitle size="large">Registro</IonTitle>

        <Boton name="New user account"></Boton>
        <Boton name="New service account"></Boton>        
        <ExploreContainer />

function Boton(props: { name: React.ReactNode }) {
  return (<IonContent><IonButton shape="round"> {}</IonButton></IonContent> );

Why are you wrapping each button in an IonContent? There should be a single IonContent in a page.

Thanks for the repply. Could you please tell me how I can put one button below the other? since the buttons are shown to me side by side

do you know about