Beginner to ionic and react needs to know if he's doing it right

Hello, as the title say I’m a total beginner to Ionic and React and I want to build an App. So I started developing it and got some results but I’m not sure if wether I’m doing it the right way.
I have two mains “problems”. First I used a state to pass data to a route and retrieve it through props.location.state by storing it in a :any variable because I got an error if I do not specify a type. Is there a better way to do this ?
Second, I first used a <IonBackButton /> to go back from my second page to the home one but each time I added an element to a list in home from the other page and hit the back button It kept adding the last element over and over. So I replaced it with a basic <IonButton/> with a onClick event (the href didn’t triggered the changing page animation). Is this a known thing and is there a solution to it like force the button to go to the previous route in history but without any data.
Those are the two big questions I have, you can check the code from the link to the gitlab of the app at the start of my post. Also don’t hesitate to tell me if there’s something wrong about other things in the code.