[Showcase] Time Ago web component

I’ve published a framework-independent Time-Ago “pipe” built with Stencil. It’s a web component that can be used like:

Aquinas died <time-ago time="7 January 1274"></time-ago>.          // in template
Aquinas died about 744 years ago.                                  // output

or (Angular syntax follows)

now = new Date();                                               // Typescript                     
You entered this page <time-ago [time]="now"                    // in template
You entered this page less than 5 seconds ago.                  // output (updates automatically)

The logic leverages the change detection built into Stencil. The refresh timer is literally one line long:
setTimeout(_ => this.refresh(), this.backoff(this.time));
where this.refresh() sets a new string to output, and then NOTs a boolean that Stencil’s change detection is watching. So whenever the boolean changes, the component re-renders.

Links: Github, npm

As I said with the Star Rating component, please let me know if you try this out in a framework that is not Ionic Angular, so I can post setup instructions (and give you credit). Thank you.