Show user alerts at bottom of screen?

Previously I’ve used Bootstrap, and I like its style:

Having an ionic alert box is useful, however when there are multiple errors, or when I want to warn the user, it makes more sense to show messages at the bottom (or top) of the window.

So I’ve made an Error service and an ErrorCtrl controller, but I can’t get it to display on the page. Attempt:

<ion-nav-view></ion-nav-view> <!-- Regular view -->

<ion-pane ng-controller="ErrorCtrl as error" style="margin-top: 200px">
    <h3 style="font-color: black">Errors</h3>
    <ul><li ng-repeat="e in error.errors">{{e}}</li></ul>
</ion-pane> <!-- Also tried with <div></div> -->

Inspecting the page, it seems that its rendered onto the page, but is invisible (the whole area is white).