Alert called in ionViewLoaded() results in blank screen when OK is clicked

Hi. I tried to create a simple app using this command: ionic start simpleapp --v2 --ts

Then in home.ts i did this:

import {Component} from '@angular/core';
import {NavController, Alert} from 'ionic-angular';

    templateUrl: 'build/pages/home/home.html'
export class HomePage {
    constructor(private nav: NavController) {
    ionViewLoaded() {

    doAlert() {
        let alert = Alert.create({
            title: 'New Friend!',
            subTitle: 'Your friend, Obi wan Kenobi, just accepted your friend request!',
            buttons: ['OK']

Alert successfully appears when app starts (root=home page) but when i click OK i don’t see tabs, simply blank screen appears. UI elements are still there clearly because i can click them even if the screen is white. Please help!