Show the camera under the webview

is it possible to open the camera under the webview?

I would like to have the camera open to full screen, and over the webview with a transparent background.
I want to render some (html/js) components over the camera.

Simple scenario: camera is fullscreen, every shot i add a item in a ion-list

Thanks in advance!

Yes it is :blush:

See this Plugin for example for Capacitor: GitHub - capacitor-community/camera-preview: Capacitor plugin that allows camera interaction from HTML code

You will have to manage the transparency of the webview, but it works great for me and behaves awesome! :+1:t3:

You can also use getUserMedia and put the camera video feed into a video tag or canvas.

Should work on any Android version and on iOS 14.6+.

Hi EinfachHans,
it looks just what i was looking for