Show iCloud option only when upload pdf file


I am developing a ionic(v1) app, in the app i need an functionality to upload pdf files from iCloud drive. I have added the iCloud capabilities and it works fine.

So what issue i facing now is, when I click on the upload button I want to show just iCloud option only like in whatsapp ‘share document’ link. Is there any way to hide the rest of the options in the upload?

I have attached a simulator screenshot.

and my sample code

<form name="form">
<div class="button" ngf-select ng-model="picFile" name="picFile">Select</div>
<button ng-click="uploadPic(picFile)">Submit</button>

$scope.uploadPic = function(file) {
    file.upload = Upload.upload({
      url: dataUrl,
      data: {file: file},

Thanks to all

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