Show error message in statusbar

I would love to be able to show errors message and notifications in the statusbar. So I don’t have take up space in the content area. I have been looking for a native plugin. But I couldn’t find anyone. Anyone knows how to accomplish this?

Hmm, you could make a directive out of this, and then make use some of the styles like this.

Can’t see anything in your example other than som text

open the codepen, at the moment it does not show properly here

Try this cordova plugin Local Notification Plugin

Read the description of the plugin, does not talk about the statusbar?!?

Got your code to work when running in firefox - codepen seems to have some problems in chrome with this example.

Will this overlaps the statusbar or will it show up right under the statusbar. or do i need away to hide the statusbar, while showing the box?

Hey there, so yeah, codepen now is using https and our cdn isn’t on https yet so there some issues loading scripts. If you visit the codepen with just http, it should load fine

This will appear below the status bar text ( the time, cell signal and battery)

I was more looking to make it show up in the statusbar area. But I could probably hide the statusbar with a plugin while showing the message and unhide afterwards

Hey, threw together a sample project of what you would do, but mocking the loading error.

Many thanks mhartington. Resizing the header while it shows the error and should work out fine. Thx again