Sharing deeplinks on Facebook

I would like to share on Facebook a deeplink of my app so the user that click on the link it’s able to open the app (if already installed) in the page that the deeplink reference and the link on the store (if the app is not installed).

It’s possible?

I’ve installed the Native Deeplink plugin and followed this tutorial but nothing works because the deeplink that I’ve shared it’s passed like a string and it’s not clickable.

I’m not able to find a recent documentation or tutorial, nothing that works so I have doubt that is it possibile to do it.

You could go with:


thank you for your answer.
I saw the deeplink native documentation but don’t help me because it explain only how to set deep links and not how to share them (the classic social share don’t work, as I said in my question).

I’ll check the second link that you’ve posted.

if you face difficulties to bring to life the solution with the deeplinks plugin I would suggest yep to have a look to, easy to implement and use, kind of well documented

Hi JEricaM, i had the same problem, my solution was share a link of my web hosting, and with javascript code, redirect with location.href… now, with this solution i find other problem, when the user click my link, the user can choose how to want open the link, if with web browser or with my app… if the user choose with the web browser, it works, but if the user choose with my app, it works too, but if the link contains arguments, it doesnt work… thats my problem now :c