Ionic deeplinks and social sharing


I am facing a problem with social sharing and deeplinks

I am building a multi-user app which allows users to add items and communicate with each other
the problem is when a user wants to share an item with social sharing…

I used ionic deeplinks and I followed all the steps and the link is generated successfully but the problem when external users click on the link, the link will work only if the user has the app and the link will just open the app and won’t navigate to the required page.

the optimal behavior:

  • app user share link with external users
  • external users will be redirected to app or store to download it
  • if installed, the app should redirect external user to the desired ionic page (deeplink)

this a show stopper to me and my app is useless without this basic feature

Any advice/toturial will be very helpful to me

You can use this.
Please… Read the doc… god will save us!