Shared Web Credentials

I may have missed it, but has anybody found a plugin wrapping the code needed to access shared web credentials?

I want my app to be able to use the same username/password a user may have stored in Safari on iOS to login to my website with.


You could use Deeplinking to log In your user after they installed the app if you don’t find any better solution

Thanks for your reply, but that solution doesn’t address the problem. I’d like to take advantage of the iOS feature, but still haven’t found any information to move forward with this one.

Do you mean the feature that you can share the session between apps? like the google apps? Is that the same feature as what your wrote about?
Do you know the exact name of this feature?

I am also interested in this question

No, with shared web credentials, the app can access the credentials stored for the website instead of requiring the user to reenter a username and password. See here:

I am not aware of any Cordova plugin that encapsulates the “Shared Web Credentials” functionality and makes it accessible to the app running inside Cordova. Problem is probably that there are just too many variants and misunderstanding what one is talking about (see above), and nobody took the time to really understand them and make them accessible :confused:

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It doesn’t seems that there are any cordova plugins available for shared web credentials.
So I see two solutions here:

  • make your own plugin
  • or use another technology like deeplinking to login in users from the website. If that’s what you want to do or what are you trying to do?

If you don’t have persistent sessions - the user has to re-login every time you start the app, then it would make sense to me to take advantage of the native feature… :thinking: I would like to hear your reason to use it instead of the other methods to use the website account also in the app without re-entering of the credentials. :wink:

I do have persistent sessions, however the use case for this technology is when a user has first downloaded the app, and has to enter a username/password. They may already have an account via the website, so shared web credentials allows them to use that account without having to retype the details. It’s also used for when a long lived session expires and they have to confirm details.

The KeyChain plugin may be capable of it, I’m investigating and will post back!

Ok, I wish you good Luck with your Investigation!

Are there many people who use the build-in icloud Keychain as passwort manager?

It’s more Safari, saving its passwords via iCloud.