Remember me or retain the users login in ionic native

Hi, We are using a webapp that is React based with JWT logins, which means a user puts in their username and password, then with a JWT response from the server continues to use the app.

On the browser, this is pretty seamless as it will remember the username/password so it’s less clicks to login. What’s the normal way to handle this on ios and Android? Ideal would be letting the os know these are fields that can be saved to it’s keystore - which is pretty simple in say Expo.

How can I do something similar in Ionic Native? I can’t see an obvious capacitor plugin in it’s core list, and the cordova plugin has been not updated in two years:
GitHub - mibrito707/cordova-plugin-secure-storage-echo: Secure storage plugin for Apache Cordova .

Ideally it would be better to not need to use cordova as well wouldn’t it?