Share data between ionic app and electron app

Hi !

I would like send data from mobile app (ionic) to my pc app (electron) by usb connect. I search since two days, but i don’t found …

Someone has an idea ?


Uh, that seems like quite a hard problem. Many native apps can’t make this work.
What platforms are you targeting?

You looked through the Ionic Native plugins and general Cordova plugins?

Have you thought about alternative ways of submission?

I have seen apps that open a web server inside the app that is accessible by computer on the same network. A app on the computer could learn about the location and then automatically download the data.

Just to make sure: Just uploading the data to some server and downloading on the desktop is not an option?

Thanks for reply,

Sadly, the phone isn’t connect on the network, no one. So, the only method to communicate the data from mobile app to computer is usb. You see an other method ?

When i connect the phone by usb, either the phone push the data to electron app, either electron app get the data. Or both …

When the electron app get the data, it’s send this to api by the network.

bluetooth is an option to consider?

Sadly, bluetooth isn’t an option …


quick search on cordova usb host does yield some projects, but I don’t have any experience working with them

And for these, you may need to do some development in native code both on PC and phone side.

So a great project which will contribute to the open source community!



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