Locally sharing data between two phones

Is there a plugin or any other way to share data between two phones (Android to android) without using the internet, like using bluetooth or wlan?

The most ideal solution would be sending a JSON object between two phones that have my app installed. But sending a JSON file to other phone and then using my app installed in the that phone to load the JSON file would also be fine.

I’m looking at this https://github.com/tomvanenckevort/BluetoothSerial plugin now, but it was last updated over 4 years ago and I have no confirmation if it even works.

Is there a working way in which I can do this?

There is a Ionic Native plugin at https://ionicframework.com/docs/native/bluetooth-serial/ for another version of it. This looks more current.

The repo of that plugin is https://github.com/don/BluetoothSerial , which says “Will not connect Android to Android, Will not connect iOS to iOS” under the Limitations section in the readme.

I actually got to the plugin I mentioned in the OP following a link from this repo.

Oh sorry, wasn’t aware of that.