Setup Screen with hidden tap?


A new requirement has been added to my project spec and I’m not at all sure how I would go about implementing it.

The existing app uses Angular directives we call templates and ng-show to selectively show or hide parts of the screen.

What we would like to do, is to add a “configuration” section to that, but since this is intended to be run on a kiosk we don’t want it immediately visible to all and sundry. Instead the user should have to tap on a certain area of the screen a number of times.

The concept is similar to enabling development mode on android. Click a particular area a bunch of times and poof you’re in.

I’m wondering how someone might go about accomplishing that.


I created a code snippet to show how you could implement this:

Basically you can add a counter/ng-click to your button with a functional if-statement that activates when the specific number of clicks are reached. Then in your configuration section you have an ng-show that defaults to false unless the number of clicks are reached, which in that case the value will turn to true.