Sequence of taps to reveal login modal

I’m working on my first app in Ionic, and I would like to display a modal after a series of taps (tapping each corner of the device in a clockwise fashion, starting with the top left). Is there anything in the framework that would streamline this portion of development?

Maybe you could try putting 4 invisible buttons in your first page with on-tap directive and manage the order in your controller.

@gmarziou, that is a great idea, and it doesn’t sound too complicated! I will definitely report back with details of the final implementation.

The most tricky maybe the CSS to position your four buttons in corners.

Anyway, this is a creative design, what is your goal in doing it this way?

I am working on an app for waivers/consenting users. The tap sequence will activate the Admin/Employee menu, so it stays hidden from the user during the waiver signing/consent process.