How to setup cordova android enviroment on windows 7


I’m sorry, this may off topic to ionic but without setting up cordova android enviroment on my windows7. I cannot start anything.

I always get this error when running cordova platform add android

“executing command ‘ant’ make sure you have ant installed and added to your path”

you can check my full details here.


Hey @vzhen, I suggest reading through the Android Platform Guide again and make sure you follow all the steps correctly. Android can be difficult to set up correctly:


@max got it spot on.
I will give you a tip half the time the problem with set up is with the environmental variables for Java, Ant and the android SDK. Sort those out via the guide on the Cordova website and bam you good to go.


My problem solved.

Anyone have the same issue please check my the above stackoverflow question. The answer is there.


My problem solved.
Btw, their guide is just rubbish.