Setting up Supabase Google OAuth with Capacitor (android)

Can somehow help implementing this? I’ve been trying everything but can’t get it to work…

→ I think I have to set flowType to pkce?

export const supabase = createClient(supabaseUrl, supabaseAnonKey, {
	auth: {
		flowType: 'pkce',

→ I enabled cookies; do I have anything else to facilitate this?

    "CapacitorCookies": {
      "enabled": true

→ I set up Google Cloud console + Supabase correctly. When running:

  const signInWithProvider = async (provider) => {
    const redirectTo = 'com.myapp.myapp://auth';
    const { error } = await supabase.auth.signInWithOAuth({
      options: { redirectTo },
    if (error) console.error(error);

→ I’m getting back a response containing access_token, code, id_token (with user data); etc.

I’ve tried setSession and However I’m unable to turn this into a session:

const { data, error } = supabase.auth.setSession({ access_token: varA, refresh_token: varB });

I’ve also tried exchangeCodeForSession but I always run into errors.

await supabase.auth.exchangeCodeForSession(code)

It’s unclear to me how I can use the response from Google to start a session; supposedly the session should be created by the supabase client but I can’t make it work.

Could someone please walk me through the correct implementation of this?

If you take the time to search the docs, it shows the answer you seek. and yes this has nothing to do with capacitor or ionic.

@Henk007 Did you ever get this working? Any tips? Struggling as well

Appreciate the response!

Would love a little write up when you have time. Still would be super beneficial to me. Never got it working.


:clap: I’ll give it a shot in the next few days. Thanks so much!

It worked! You don’t even know how many hours I sunk into this. Think the key for me was mainly using the App.addListener as I believe I had most of the other intricacies in place.

Regardless thank you very much for all the detail.

@Henk007 Can you please share your solution? I’m also trying to make it work, but no success at this point :disappointed:
Thank you!

can you share the solution please :pray:


  useEffect(() => {
    const listener = App.addListener('appUrlOpen', async (data) => {
      const url = new URL(data.url)
      const params = new URLSearchParams(url.hash.substring(1)) // remove the leading '#'

      await supa.auth.setSession({
        access_token: params.get('access_token') || '',
        refresh_token: params.get('refresh_token') || '',
    return () => {
  }, [])
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thank you @sjohns21 this worked for me!