Setting up debugging env. for "ionic serve", how to?


If i connect my laptop to my home wireless and run “ionic serve”, then, on any device, I can go to localhost:8100 and i it will serve my content

but, if i plug in the Ethernet cable from the router to the laptop, bypassing the wireless, and run “ionic serve”, then the localhost on other devices doesn’t come up.

Is there anything i could do about that?


try to use the actual ip address of the “host” in your case, from notebook.(something like 192.168.1.X:8100)

Normaly localhost is the same as (your own pc/device) and you should not be able to connect form an other device with localhost. I dont know what ionic serve actually does in the background but as described here: you should connect form the phone with the notebooks ip adress.

then i should work ad the protocol your using should no matter.

i hope this helps


yup. connecting to the IP works