Mobile browser testing from serve

Can Ionic serve no longer be used for mobile browser testing?


So, if our desktop is running a test server at , we can just load that address into our mobile Chrome or Safari to test it.

are you using ionic v1?

No. Using version 5.

So why you read the v1 Docs? :smiley:

Oops. Bad link there. Do you know the answer?

I think ionic serve can be used the same way in ionic 4

When I use serve, there is no indication that it can be reached via ip address. Only localhost.
If you run serve on your computer, can you reach that served app via your phone?

Okay now i understand what you mean. I never use this. Some times ago i used the “Ionic DevApp” for this, but i directly run it completely natively, as it is as fast as other solutions.

Are you developing a Website or a App?

This is PWA for mobile browsers.

Regarding this ( i think it should work :thinking:

The problem is that it no longer is giving me an external address.

Local: http://localhost:8100

Therefore I am wondering if this is still an option.

Using that instruction, as it suggests in that link, does suggest it is serving to the IP.
The problem must be on my devices.
While it is not working yet, it gives me more to try and track down.

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I just got it working using my Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection IPv4 Address.
( found if you run ipconfig on windows )

ionic serve --address ( in my case )