Set value in <ion-select> tag



i my app i use modal with search form who user can search an i display search result with radio button. When user select her result, i want to set value of this object into my tag.

Now i can pass data from my modal to ion-select tag but ion-select don’t display my information. I display my information only if i click on left icon tag.

All code

my modal search.html list

<ion-list radio-group>
    <ion-item *ngFor="let aeroport of resultAllAeroports">
      <ion-radio (click)="select(aeroport)"></ion-radio>

my search select(aeroport) method

select(obj) {
    this.selectedAeroport = obj;"selectedAeroportDepart", this.selectedAeroport);

IonSelect html file

<ion-select [(ngModel)]="aeroportDepart.codeAeroport" formControlName="codeAeroportDepart" name="codeAeroportDepart" class="annonce-ion-select">
           <ion-option checked="true" [value]="aeroportDepart.codeAeroport" >{{aeroportDepart.nomAeroport}}</ion-option> 

I use EventsController so this is my code to get update select item in modal

events.subscribe("selectedAeroportDepart", (res) => {
   if ((res!==null) && (res!=="")) {
     this.hasSelectedAeroport = true;
     this.aeroportDepart = res;

Please can you help me ?
see picture in attachment