Set style on a single ion-item in ion-List

Hi all,

I am noobie when it comes to ionic and Angular so hopefully this isn’t a really dumb question.

In my code for I have the standard ngFor construction to display the items on the screen. When the user checks an item (using ion-checkbox) I want the item text style to be a grey colour with line through for just that item. I can set the style dynamically {{item format}} but it effects the whole list not just the individual item.

  <ion-item-sliding *ngFor="let item of items" >

        <ion-checkbox [checked]="item.checked" > (click)="toggleItem(item)"></ion-checkbox>
        <ion-label  class = {{itemformat}} (tap)="catchEvent($event, item)" > {{item.item}} </ion-label> 

      <button light (click)="editItem(item)"><ion-icon name="Edit"></ion-icon> Edit</button>
      <button danger (click)="deleteItem(item)"><ion-icon name="Delete"></ion-icon> Delete</button>

I read about ngRepeat in Angular but I don’t know if I can use that in Ionic or even if it would do what I want. I believe Ionic is built on Angular but I don’t know what parts of Angular can be used in Ionic. How much should I know Angular to be able create real world Ionic apps?