Set 'Requires Android' version in Play Store

How to set the Requires Android version in Play Store? It is always 4.4 for all Ionic Cordova Android Apps.

The preference android-minSdkVersion in config.xml is set to 22 (Android 5.1). Also android-targetSdkVersion has no effect. And I found nothing in the developer section of Play Store.

Cordova does not use/respect the minSdkVersion of the config.xml correctly.

Go to the directory platforms/android and replace the defaultMinSdkVersion property value of build.gradle. That’s it.

The platforms directory is untracked by default (gitignore). It’s recommended. No problem. You can replace this value by a build / task tool e.g. Jenkins. Or just place an additional gradle file build-extras.gradle into this folder to overwrite some values.


Cordova Android 8.0.0 fixed this issue. Now minSdkVersion of config.xml is respected. See Release Notes