Set back button text on iOS dynamically

Hello there,
At the moment, i set the back button text for iOS like this:

      backButtonText: 'Button',
      tabsHideOnSubPages: false})

But, within the app, the user has the option, to select another language. So i dont want to set the text statically, but i want to get this text from an object which is read from a provider.

Could anyone please give me a hint, how to achieve this?

Thank you


maybe something like this?

<ion-buttons start>
      <button ion-button (click)="dismiss()">
        <span ion-text color="primary" showWhen="ios">Cancel</span>
        <ion-icon name="close" showWhen="android, windows"></ion-icon>

Hmm, i would love, to keep the standard navbar out-of the-box…