Back Button Translation


on devices there will be a text ‘Back’ next to the back button.
Is it possible to remove the text globally for all pages?

According this post Change back button icon you could set the back button text as ' ' (space) to give the feeling that nothing is written

Doc reference: (see backButtonText)

Maybe another solution would be to set a display: none; with css?

Well, if you follow the pass of setting ' ' as backButtonText I kind of had the feeling that you would still need a bit of css anyway because in such a case, if I’m not wrong, the arrow gonna be stick to the very left border, which isn’t really handy for the user therefore you would still need a bit of padding. That’s why, maybe just a all css solution like

button.back-button {
    padding: 0 8px;

    &.back-button-ios {
      padding: 0 16px;
    span.back-button-text {
       display: none;

I’m not against improvements, just a quick css I wrote…

ok I prefer to to make the back button text language-dependent.
In my app it is possible to switch between two and more languages and up from now I would change the text

config.set('ios', 'backButtonText', this.translate...);

when the language changed. But I don’t know if this is the proper way?

could that work? I would be a bit surprised but that would be cool :wink: Have you try?

I did not try it but take a look here

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