Serving iPhone X

Is it possible to use serve command line command to serve view for iPhone X in the browser?

You select the device in the browser. In Chrome dev tools, you can select from a range of device form-factor emulations. You can see the menu in the upper-left of this screenshot:

This isn’t exactly what I needed. I need the ionic serve to serve within the iPhone X format, now it’s like iPhone 6. Not within the browser, so I can’t it the app previews correctly in the browser directly.

Running ionic serve will never show your app exactly like it would running on an actual device. Serve is good for live updates and making quick changes and seeing the results instantly, and the above poster showed you how to get an iPhone X preview in serve.

If you want to see your app exactly how it will appear on an actual iPhone X, you need to run the ‘ionic Cordova emulate’ command, which will boot up the simulator

If you select “iPhone X” in the device dropdown, it will have the dimensions of an iPhone X.

Which device drop down. If I use Chrome, then it shows the whole browser window, not just the phone inner part.

I finally got the problem, please update to version 3.9.2 ( or higher. I have 3.7.1 which was too old (even though it was like few months old at the time of this post.