Sending notifications Push?

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I’ve read some materials on Push Notifications but could not understand. Watched this video on Youtube: and understand some concepts but doubt that I still have is: How SEND Push through Mobile? In the video you can see that is sent via a web interface (Ionic) and is only shown as set to receive through the mobile phone.

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Yeah … it’s a jungle out there … Are you pushing for Android or Iphone?

For now I’m developing for Android.

for reference I suggest

I’ve implemented push with AWS, so that’s my documentation.

First you need to create an Google Play account and enable notification:

step 1) Create a Google API Project and Enable the GCM Service

In my case , I’m using AWS, I need to give AWS rights to send push messages to GCM (GCM is connected to your android device)

Step 2: Obtain the Server API Key

Step 3:
Install the cordova push plugin (

Read the documentation at the android section … especially the registration part. The app needs to register for push. For example

$cordovaPush.register(androidConfig).then(function(result) {
  // Success
}, function(err) {
  // Error

if succesfull , the app will trigger an notifiaction … the part of

$rootScope.$on('$cordovaPush:notificationReceived', function(event, notification) {

and it will have an notification.event :

  switch(notification.event) {
    case 'registered':
      if (notification.regid.length > 0 ) {
        alert('registration ID = ' + notification.regid);

So now you have an registration id … in my case … I need to submit the registration id to my server. From my server it will create an new subscriber (in a Google APP) on AWS. The app is connected to GCM. Now from the AWS console I can send a message to the subscriber (endpoint), wich will send a message to GCM, wich sends a notification to the registered device.

You can use other notification services, I’ve used AWS SNS Mobile push … put the basic idea is the same

Why not use Ionic Push ? I’m using it for my apps (2 apps) and it works very well.

For me … the AWS environment was already there (also it was the client wishes)

I will search for AWS and Ionic Push. This option has a cost?

@IonBruno Hi, I provided full instructions to set up ionic-push-notification here: Ionic is not defined when using ionic-push

This issue is still confusing to me.
For example, the following link tells you how to register the device but I do not know the way to send notifications through a cell phone or another system to the desired cell.
Some light?