Selectbox and Ionic or Font awsome tags in option tag!

    <ion-label><ion-icon name="volume-up" item-start></ion-icon>Fajr</ion-label>
    <ion-select [(ngModel)]="fajr_settings" (ionChange)="setPrefs('fajrid',fajr_settings)">
      <ion-option *ngFor='let fajr of this.service.fajr_settings' value='{{}}'>{{}}<i class="fa fa-mobile" aria-hidden="true"></i></ion-option>

I trying to use ionic icons or fontawsome icons in my array or selectbox it does not work why? The icons doen not want to appear in my list? or popup or label does not work at all.

My array

    fajr_settings = [
        {id: 0, name:'OFF', icon:'volume-off'},
        {id: 1, name:'Voice', icon:'volume-up'},
        {id: 2, name:'Alarm', icon:'alarm'},
        {id: 3, name:'Vibrations', icon:'radio'}  

I will answer my own question i think it is not possible because i found the answer on the forum … Did not look …