Select option on swiping

Hi there,

I would like to customize a dropdown-list or select list by swiping element vertically instead of having a list and clicking to the desired element.
Indeed, instead of having scrollable list which need to click on desired element after scrolling until this one, I would like to have a “vertical carousel” effect.
I mean, I would like something like that with a difference, carousel not activating by itself but need to activate by vertical user swipe until desired element.
When the user holds and swipe the dropdownlist as carousel, it’s animating, when he releases it, the tagetted element on screen must be selected, like a dropdown list when you click on the choice.

Is it possible ?

I don’t know if I’m understandable … don’t hesitate to ask me if you need precisions.

Thanks by advance for the help.

Anyone could help me please ?