Select in Chrome developer tools stopped working

Has anyone else noticed that if the Chrome developer tools are open, and the mobile toolbar is on e.g. to preview styles then select’s no longer drop down ?

I’m using Ionic v1.3.1 on Kubuntu 64bit, latest Chrome.

At least one other person has this issue :

FYI, multiple acks on the github issue, but no word on if it’ll be fixed.

Ionic refuse to have anything to do with the breakage.

Chrome bug reported here but I’m not hopeful.

Will probably have to abandon Ionic if it doesn’t work off-device any more.

Just had a go at trying this issue in Firefox, it seems to have the same problem. When running an app in Firefox 48.0.2 with Responsive Design mode turned on, the select works ok, but then if you turn on the “Simulate Touch Events” option then select no longer works.

I’ve just upgraded Firefox to version 49.0.1 and still no joy!

Hey guys,

I downloaded chrome version 52 until we get a fix for this from someone.
Made some edits on regedit to try to disable chrome auto update.
I got the selectboxes working again, if i had success disabling auto update its ok for now.
Ill check if chrome updates in the next days.

Hope it help someone

Hey guys,

Posting here the version working for me 52.0.2743.116 with a download link for you

This is how i made to disable auto update
1- Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\ and find the folder “Update”.
2- Rename it to “Update_backup”

  • Now launch Chrome: NO MORE UPDATES!! since it can not find the update program !! Finished.

Same with versions of Chrome after Google’s fix - touch events do not work. Definitely Ionic problem now because web sites like work fine.

Ionic finally accepted there is an issue, fix in works: