Select element text direction/alignment


Hello, I think I’ve found a problem with the text direction on a select element.

As you can see in the attached image, the inputs “Effective Depth” and “Land Use” should have the values “30 - 60cm” and “Horticulture (Intensive)”, but it looks like the css “direction: rtl” is changing it.

Tested on Android


what version of ionic are you using? Can you throw a codepen together to illustrate this?


I’m using v1.0.0-beta.5b

Does a codepen help if the problem only seems to occur on the android device?


Yup :smile: Instead of me try to guess your markup, I can copy it and throw it on a device


Ok :slight_smile: Give me two ticks


Ok, hopefully this reproduces the issue:


Just to be sure, the expected results was to have the select text align with “field name” and “size”?


This looks like it works as expected.

But on the android device “30 - 60cm” would be formatted as “60cm - 30” (RTL direction formatted). Any option with parenthesise e.g. “Horticulture (Intensive)” would be formatted as “(Horticulture (Intensive”

Will now test on the emulator to try to reproduce it


AAAh I see, interesting…
Yeah keep in mind, I did this on a 4.4 emulation so it could be android version specific.


My device is on 4.2.2, I’ll have a play with emulator versions


Looks like a version issue. I get the same on the emulator 4.2.2, so I guess it’s 4.4’s use of Chromium as the WebView that fixes it.