Hi All
I have ionic-selects all around my application and I am using interface ‘action-sheet’.
The issue is that I cannot control the text alignment or visibility on the options.
In Android it is shown on the left side, on the IPhone in the middle.
Is there a way I can change that behavior, our language is right to left, but I want it to be all the time in the middle.
Same goes to popover and alert.


Bumping the request, anyone?

Hi, look, I’m telling you, that depends on the style you want to give … I’ve attached an example where I get my SELECT ION SELECT aligned to the same place

 <label class="item item-input">
    <span class="input-label">FieldA</span>
    <input type="text" ng-model="fieldA">

<label class="item item-input item-select">
    <span class="input-label">Typ</span>
    <select ng-model="fieldB">

this is a guide .scss

.item-select select
    right: auto;
    padding: 13px 45px 15px 0px;
    direction: ltr;

Based on the css code you can easily align to wherever you want … hits! @golandsh

Hey, thank you very much.
I have used the ion-select, did not think about using a standard select :slight_smile:

Is an option … I hope to have helped you … and in case of having solved the problem please mark the post