Select dropdown issue on ios 11

Hello everybody,

I have to maintain one project that I didn’t develop. As it was said said to me, it was develloped with Ionic framework.
Although, when i see the project structure it doesn’t seems to be an ionic project. Because i tried to build a new project (v1) and structures of these 2 projects (new one v1 & project which I’ve to deal with) are not the same.

So i don’t know if it’s really an Ionic project, or there’re juste some libraries which are used by app…
I’ve never developped with Ionic before.
However, when I see index.php and templates it seems to use Ionic elements…

Also, there is Ionic package into “lib” folder…
As you can see it uses a 1.3.1 version, which is causing the bug with a dropdown on iOS 11 (it doesn’t select ethe element). What is the main reason I write here :slightly_smiling_face:.

After some time passed surfing on the internet i found that it’s a quite common issue on iOS11. Because iOS11 is using WKWebView, and actual version of Ionic (in my project) uses UIWebView…


So my question is how to deal with this issue? Can i just download an other library? Or I have to complie something?

Any help would be grateful.

Did you tried to run it on a real device or simulator ? If yes with which version of Xcode did you use ?
Normally, this issue is fixed with the latest release of Xcode 9.2

In fact, the app is already running… And it’s a web app hosted, on the server and so on… And it worked well until iOS 11 update.
And i guess that special “ionic-html-tags” like or are used to provide a native look&feel to the mobile devices while browsing on site from it.

Also i tried to download project source code and open it with xCode, the last one says there are files missing.
So i don’t understand how to deal with this project.