Problem with changing the select options

Hi everyone.

I have the problem with changing select options in ionic app on device.

The code of the select in the template below:

<select ng-model="sorting" ng-options="o.Text for o in possibleSorting" ng-change="setSorting(sorting)"></select>

The code in controller:

$scope.possibleSorting = [
   {Text: 'Ordrenummer', Index: 'order_no'},
   {Text: 'Postnummer', Index: 'ship_to_post_code'},
   {Text: 'Navn', Index: 'ship_to_name'}


$scope.setSorting = function(o) {
    $scope.sorting = o;

Screenshot (sortering-select):

It works without any issue in the desktop browser. But it doesn’t work when i launch application on device, like Nexus 5.

The issue - when we click to select, popup with radio-buttons opens, we can choose one of the option and click on it, popup will close and and we need to see the selected options in select… and sortering (filtering) needs to work.



Filtering - works always, but the selected option don’t change… This is the problem.