Select box closing Modal - Loading Controller interference?


I have a modal that opens another modal. On that 2nd modal, there is a Select list of people’s names. When I select a Name and hit OK (the select OK, not the modal OK), the whole modal seems to disappear. I’m using Beta 11 and running in Chrome.

It appears that this has something to do with the Loading controller as it works fine if there is no loading component on the first modal. You can see this behavior here:

In the plunk, the 2nd modal appears to jump behind the 1st modal. You see it again when you close the 1st modal. In my app, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case. It may be jumping further back because it just disappears for good.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it is due to the way I am using the Loading controller. I am using the setTimeout in the loading present to work around a different problem related to this issue thread:

I could use some guidance on how to use the loading and not have this problem happen with the modals.


Since updating to RC1, it is now doing a different behavior. The select option now selects the choice and “closes” as expected. But then when I close the modal, the select box is still there, open behind the closing modal. Before I think the modal was jumping back a layer, and now it seems the select list is the one jumping a layer.