Issue with ion select , when navigating to other pages when drop down is shown


I am stuck with a problem, where in my page “Screen B” if a dropdown is open with “ion-select” option, and if i lock my screen, then with pause and resume events, i am "push"ing a login screen “Screen A”, to navCtrl, to allow user to enter credentails to view it. But in my screen A, drop down of Screen B is still visible.
This happens with date picker’s modal also, for that matter any open modals is causing this issue.

Is there any handlers available to close all open pop ups in a page, when i don’t need it?
I am looking for any work around on how this can be solved.

Any one has fixed similar issues, any information around this will be helpful

My version of Ionic is : 2.1.13

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I don’t understand what you are doing here and what is happening. Can you rephrase this please?


My issue is identical to the issue mentioned below, where i try to move to a different page, when the pop up is open, and the pop up doesnt get closed by itself.

Example: i am in Page B, where i have clicked on ion-select and the pop up is open.
Now when i click on phone lock button /or if the page is idle for sometime, then we want the user to enter his credentials to login again, to visit page B, lets call this login page as Page A. [ this handling i am doing with platform resume and platform pause events]
But if in Page B, if the pop up is open, in page A after the resume, the pop up is shown in Page A also.

So basically, pop up doesn’t close when its not in the scope of the same page, and there is no way to close them programatically. Below link gives a work around, but doesn’t seem to help.

Thanks for your reply!

Can you post a screenshot of the “popup” you mention?