Secondary routes in ionic?

Hallo, everyone!
We’re building an app that’s going to work both as a web page and an app. So far we used ionic navigation, but for the next phase of the production, the flow was completely rebuilt. Most of the views are still fine, but there are some pages with secondary routes and breadcrumbs like this on a screenshot:

In angular making such routes is not a problem, but what about ionic? If it was just mobile app Deeplinks would be more than enough, but it doesn’t seem to support secondary routes and that is important for a web page. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make it all work?

Any help or thoughts are welcome!

Or at least let me know if it isn’t possible to do with ionic.

The answer to your question might change significantly in 2017, because a major goal of Ionic this year is to be more amenable to PWA design. So you might want to open an issue/feature request on GitHub and see what the devs say. This seems like more than just a support request.

Direct answer: I don’t know. It might be possible, but the reason I don’t know is that I’ve been staying away from this kind of question until PWA routing stablizes.

Thank you for your answer! Just created a feature request on GitHub. This functionality is very anticipated.

Could you link to the issue here? For future reference this could be quite useful.

Sure, here you go:

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