Second time asking help on this ! help me with $cordovageolocation timing out issue( < android 4.4)

This is the 2nd time i am posting this issue ! no solution yet.

On devices below Android 4.4 , $cordovageolocation is always timing out no matter what i do !

For kitkat and above it works fine !

Can someone suggest falbacks for jellybean devices ?

This is the only issue i have right now because of which app cant be deployed !

Any help is appreciated ! thanks

See this thread: Geolocationworks first time, then fails

@sjerd Thanks a lot for your response !

i am going try that !

does that mean i will need a background mode plugin for that ? plus did it also work on jellybean?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Your settings on device may be setup that way that you are using GPS only and not AGPS (Assisted GPS) so it may indeed be very long until GPS is fixed.
Try to run it in emulator to see if that is the case.

it worked on jellybean and you only need the background mode if you want to update the location when the user is moving with his phone in his pocket. so it’s optional

I tried it ! its working on browser and for android 4.4+ !

but didnt work on 4.2 :pensive:

@mladen5 i dont think si thats the case ! because i have a instance of background geolocation running which works very well with correct co-ordinates ! thanks for the response