Cordova Geolocation [SOLVED]

Hello, have issue with geolocation with some Device.

Appli work fine with Samsung s3 android 4.3
with tablet Samsung SM android 4.4.2

but didn’t work at all with LG G4 android 5.1 ( time out every time )

I use last version ( 1.0.1 ) cordova gelocation.
I don’t think code error because it’s work fine on 2/3 device I thing it’s more android version error maybe new permission ?
any suggestion ?


Edit : Update my OS, now it’s work … still dunno why

Acquiring geolocation data can take some time.

It can be 1 sec or it can be 1 minute, it depends on several factors. My advice, you should use a longer timeout interval.

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Hi cmagnus. Did this solve your problem? I am facing the same issue. My app works great on most phones but not the LG G4. I see this was marked as solved but I did not see if this worked for you.

Thanks Mark


Hi, I update my LG G4 OS , and it’s work … but not perfectly I have some accuracy problem.