I can't see my images in my smartphone Android

I have a problem because after install my app in my smartphone Android, I can’t see any image. I have all my images in “www/img”. Running in Google Chrome I can see all my images. My icon app I can see. I executed “ionic resources --icon” for de resolution, I guess that I would have to do the same with other images. Somebody know how can I do that? Thanks in advance.

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what url are you using for the images?

<img src="./img/myImage.jpg" />

should work, note the dot at the start of your url

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Thanks for reply me fishgrind! Work fine, thanks!! :slight_smile: but… only doesn’t work in the background. Here my code:


.home {
background: url("./img/image.png") no-repeat center center fixed;

You know what is wrong?
Thanks in advance.

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when your image is located in www/img
– then you should reference it as img/logo.png from your HTML files
– or as ../../img/logo.png from your SCSS files.

this worked properly on my iPad and iPhone5. Try this one…this will work on both ionic serve and real devices

For more info refer this forum answer by one of the ionic team member:


like @vaibsVB said: …/…/ in your css files

Work fine, Thank you very much!