Scrolling within the app


i am very new to ionic
but it seems that i have a simple problem which I could not solve
the problem is i can not scroll within the content
my app is one page that loads images from instgram api but cannot scroll down to further images
i have created a dummy app with only a list which i cant scroll also
i know it may sound very silly, but i cannot scroll in putting anything

ps ; i have used a cordova 3.5 template and added ionic to it


Well in your codepen, you have not initialized angular


thank you very much
i have initialized the app but forgot to included it in the pen
however what solved the issue was " [‘ionic’] " in ( var app = angular.module(‘ionicapp’, [‘ionic’]); )
where i used to leave it empty like this: var app = angular.module(‘ionicapp’, []);

thanks again