Android App will scroll fine in a browser but running on an Emulator or Phone locks scrolling

Im not sure exactly the issue here, Im still fairly new with Ionic and Angular.

I’ve been creating an app for a school project- to which I could choose any Lib. So I selected this one as I really enjoy the functionality. I’ve been able to get about 98% of the app to run fine, no issues with the exception of native scrolling in the AVD and Nexus 5.

I can get scrolling to work fine in a browser during my building and dev. phase, and when I decided to port it over to the android os, it locks in place, no bounce back nothing. Maybe it’s my markup, but i’ve been up and down the forums and haven’t really found a relevant answer

    <ion-header-bar class="bar-assertive">
  <h1 class="title">foodQ</h1>
<ion-content >
  <!-- our list and list items -->
    <ion-item ng-repeat="todo in todos track by $index" class="item item-button-right">

<div class="buttons">
   <label class="checkbox">
   <input type="checkbox" data-ng-model="todo.done">
 <button class="button button-clear" data-ng-click="archive()">
  <i class="icon ion-android-trash"></i>
<form data-ng-submit="addTodo()">   
<div class="bar bar-footer item-input-inset">
<label class="item-input-wrapper">
  <input class="itemAdd" type="text" placeholder="Add Item" ng-model="todoText">
<button class="button button-clear add" ng-submit="createTask(task)">Add</button>     

have you tried adding scroll="true" to your ion-content ?

I just opened my app and gave the ion-content scroll=“true” still nothing. Sorry, I wrote this late last night, if something is not clear please let me know.

And, I just talked to my prof. That’s unique to iPhone and is disabled by android… So, for now it’s fixed i guess. Thanks though for the response.