Scrolling responsiveness


I’ve generated a list of showcase cards like so

   <div class="card list" data-ng-repeat="d in data">
      <div class="item item-avatar-left">
         <img data-ng-src="{{ d.url }}" alt="">
         <h2>{{ }}</h2>
         <p>{{ }}</p>
      <div class="item item-body">
         <h1>{{ d.title }}</h1>
         <div data-ng-bind-html="d.content"></div>

I found that when I deploy the app to the phone (Android), I could not scroll if I hold the middle of the screen or any where in the card. The only place I could scroll is if I hold the edge of the screen and scroll from there. Makes the app seem unresponsive.

I don’t think I see this behaviour beta1 but in beta2 onwards.

Any suggestions?


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Can you reference the CDN nightly builds and see if that makes a difference?


I’ve tried with the latest build (1992). The problem is still there. Does not happen when I test it on the browser.

I’ve noticed that on the mobile phone, when press on the header of the card (the div of item-avatar-left) I can scroll the page, but cannot scroll when I press on the item-body.

What version of android are you using? How many items are you generating in your ng-repeat? I can try this on an actual device and see if I can reproduce it.

I’ll upload the files to you tomorrow.




I’ve done some more test.

Works with b1 but not the nightly builds, b2 - b4.

Seems like when you tap/flick on any text sometimes nothing happens. But when you flick on an element like link or img, then you can scroll

Here is the sample app that I was developing for a course that I’m building with Ionic.


I’ve only uploaded the www directory sans the contents of lib

Hmm, I tried with the nightly builds (2017) and wasn’t getting any scrolling issues, on ios or android. What version of android are you using?

I’m on Note2 4.3. Did you try scrolling from the middle of the screen or from the edges where the scroll bars are?

What Android phone and version did you try it on? I’ll try to find the exact one to try.

Lets KIV then. I’ll let you know.



I’ve confirmed that the issue is probably with my phone. I tested it on Kit kat and there were no issues with it.


Galaxy Note 2, 4.3…any way you could make a screen cast of it? Theres always going to be performance issue, but the more cases we know of, the more we can do about it.