Scrolling need to work on only ion-content


I am developing cordova application using ionic framework and i facing below issue.

I have <ion-scroll> in <ion-header-bar> and <ion-content> on page.

I want to just set scroll top of <ion-content> on button click. i had already done that but <ion-scroll> is also setting to top on button click.

I want to scroll only <ion-content> to top and <ion-scroll> should maintain it scroll position.

How can i do that?

Here is my structure of my page.

    <ion-header-bar class="bar-subheader grouplist-container" >
         <ion-scroll direction="x"  scrollbar-x="false">

<ion-scroll> has buttons arranged horizontally. When i click any of them then <ion-scroll> and <ion-content> scroll to starting position.

I want only scroll <ion-content> to top on any button click.