Scrolling broken in WP8.1 with 1.0.0 stable, rc.5 worked

Dear Ionic Team,

I am developing a small app for Windows Phone 8.1, so far almost everything worked (except known issues such as double events on buttons and no back button), even the Ionicons font and custom embedded fonts, all basic controls & etc., until I have upgraded Ionic lib to 1.0.0 (“stable”).

After the update, scrolling any ion-content (be it one with a collection-repeat, ng-repeat or just a long text) stops working after a while, the indicator is still visible and keeps moving, but the content is frozen, until I reload the view. When I downgraded back to 1.0.0-rc5, the scrolling works just fine.

I am also facing the same scrolling problem with ionic 1.0 - uranium-unicorn.