Scrollbar not working sometimes

At times the app deosn’t seem to scroll at all. Not able to reproduce consistently though. But once it stops, the only way to bring it to normal is to restart the app.

Is there way to debug such issues? Or even fallback to native scrolling when that happens?

arunkumar, did you find the root of the problem and/or a solution?

I’m experiencing this too and it can happen on any device, browser etc and I can’t reproduce.

Same issue here. ANOTHER bug with Ionic :cry: We are on the latest version.

Same here. Suggestion on how to debug this issue ?

I’ve noticed that:
-Removing the view from the cache does give the scroll another change to start working again
-It happens on static or dynamic content, resizing doesn’t help
-The height of the divs seem to be ok
-Scrolling with the mousewheel always work as expected (on a emulator)
-Disabling javascript scrolling does not solve the problem

Maybe it has something to do with gestures ?