Scrollable pages getting stuck - possibly ng-show causing this?


Has anyone had any issues with pages which become stuck as you try to scroll down to view more content. I noticed this on pages where I am using “ng-show” directives on some elements. When they are evaluated to true, they will cause the page to grow in height. Lets say the content appears beneath the current viewable area, then in theory I should be able to scroll the page to view more, however the page can become stuck where it doesn’t actually scroll when I drag the content up - rather it looks as if there is a delay where the content hasn’t rendered or it has rendered, but ionic doesn’t know to update the height of the scrollable panel.

The ionic version I have installed is “1.0.0-beta.13”.

Has anyone had similar problems when they’ve used ng-show directives on pages? And if so, have you found a fix?



I have the same problem when using ng-show. I tried using

But it doesn’t fix anything.

How you found any solution any?

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