Scroll, Performance and Scroll position


Hello guys, first of all, I’d like to apologize for my english, it’is not my main language

Well, I’m new to ionic and I’m developing a news app and my issue is: I have a few images on each page, 7~10 pictures and the performance is terrible when I’m scrolling.
- I tried to take the pictures off to test and it improved, but still not as smooth as I wanted.
- Next try was to set overflow-scroll to true and it worked, the performance was very smooth and I could scroll very fast, but I lost pull to refresh (This one I don’t really need) and scroll position on back.

Do you guys know how to implement scroll position on back using overflow-scroll? Or do you have any suggestions to improve Ion-Scroll performance? I’m also having a lot of slowdowns when switching to detailed view and back (page transitions)

Tried with Ng-repeat and CollectionRepeat and got the same result, slow scroll and page transitions.

I’m using Android 4.4.3 on a Moto G (XT1033)

Thanks in advance! I loved the framework, it helped me a lot to make a quick development.


I have this issue, I will give a try to iScroll5, I don’t know if I made something wrong but, on iPhone5 the scroll is veeeery smooth but on my Moto X, Android 4.4.4, for God, scroll is the worst part of using Ionic :confused:


I also need the scroll position, I need scroll position and infinite scroll in my app, I’m not sure if iScroll5 has theses features, but… let’s try it.


You can use lazy load of images

And remove $watchers using one-way-binding using: