Ion-scroll (ion-content) performance issue

I’m building an app with an ion-content that contains a list of images (something like Instagram), of course to have the sharp images I have to scale them (but this is not the issue as @adamdbradley reported on github).

In the ion-content I’m using collection-repeat, infinite-scroll and ion-refresher.

On iphone 5 the scroll is almost good, on iphone 4 a bit laggy. On Android (top gamma, HTC one M8, etc… ) is a disaster.

@adamdbradley I think this is more of an Android issue than it is Ionic. Having ten 800x800 images all be scaled down by the browser dynamically is a huge burden on the GPU. That’s great iOS handles it fine, but the bottle neck is the image size and them being downsized by the browser

Well it’s not Android, but is the ionic scroll that has problems. As I wrote on github:

It’s definitely not an image scaling problem… I’ve tried to use the ion-content with overflow-scroll=“true” (disabling of course infinite-scroll, pull to refresh and collection-repeat) and instead of using 640x640px images I’ve used 1024x1024px images and scroll it’s perfect, maybe too fast! (Instead of collection-repeat I’ve switched back to ng-repeat).

How do yo think to address the issue? Is there something that I can do to improve the virtual scroll performance?



Agreed, I used a similar setup of collection-repeat. infinite scroll and ion-refresher. My app would crash constantly or else give horrible scroll performance while using collection-repeat (Android 4.4.2 on GS3). I switched back to ng-repeat and everything is smooth and there are no more crashes. I am worried that eventually my list will get too big for ng-repeat, but collection-repeat definitely won’t work at this point. Even on my new note 4, the collection-repeat is terribly buggy with that setup.

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Bump this post. Same here

I build this demo prototype using the .14-beta build and i am not using any images. I’ve been testing on an iPhone4 and Android 4 and performance begins to lag when I reach a certain amount to render in the list upon infinitescroll. so much so it crashes after awhile.

I’m beinging to regret using the framework…