Scroll content that sticks to top

I’m trying to replicate this layout seen in the substack ios app, where the buttons relevant to the selected page scroll with the content but stick to the top of the content viewport beneath the navigation bar. Please see this video that demos the functionality I’m talking about - note how the “Latest”, “Chat”, “About” and “People” button bar is sticky to the top of the scroll area.

Am I missing some simple way to do this in ionic, or will I need to home bake some sort of solution? I’m using vue but i don’t think that should be relevant. (I actually already implemented a custom solution for the browser so it shouldn’t be terribly difficult to adapt to ionic, but was hoping the framework would have a built in method of achieving this).

i didnt realise that position: fixed doesn’t work in ionic, that makes my home baked solution not workable. if anyone has any suggestions i would very much appreciate it. thanks!

There are several work around’s but I found using the ion-item-divider tag with the property sticky=true works great.